Daniel C. Whitmore Photography

Daniel C. Whitmore Photography

Mammoth Lakes, Calif. 93546


…..When I was introduced to photography in 1970, I was initially drawn to chronicling my adventures, without much thought to the aesthetic. As time passed, I began to understand the need to step back from the obvious, and view my surroundings with a fresh vision. It is from that perspective I have been continually amazed. At the dawn of a new day, I can focus on images within the macro world of light and form. Later, with evening light guiding the camera lens, I can return to the creative canvas and capture the grandest of grand. And when the day ends, regardless of individual nuances, what is very apparent is the unmistakable reality of connection between all things, be they tiny or grand. My desire as an artist working in the photographic medium is to represent that connection, as simply and mindfully as possible, to ourselves and the wild places of the Earth.
…..– Daniel C. Whitmore

…..Daniel Whitmore came to the Sierra Nevada working in Inyo National Forest with the US Forest Service in 1972. His career with the Forest Service began in fire science and wilderness management but shifted toward snow science and meteorology in 1978. With his Career, Whitmore traveled to some of the most beautiful and remote places: from British Columbia, to Mt. Denali in Alaska, to the Cascades in the northwest, to the Tetons in Wyoming, to the north slope of the Brooks Range in the Arctic, and of course the Sierra Nevada to name a few. Through all his travels, Whitmore has photographed.

Having retired from US Forest Service in 1990, Whitmore Currently owns and operates Daniel C. Whitmore Builders Inc. in the county of Mono, right in the middle of the Sierra Nevada. He and his wife Leslie have two sons, Matthew and Dylan.